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About Me – Avion

I’m Avion and I am in 9th grade. I do not have any experience with journalism but I hope to gain a passion for writing. I do however, love photography and plan to display our beautiful school online for all to see. Knowing upcoming events prepares me to be successful. I plan, not to write, but inform you all about interesting topics such as fundamental dress code or upcoming school games.

Topics such as Homecoming and Prom will also be online for your pleasure. Not only will events and activities be written about, but also staff and students working hard to succeed. I hope to bring life to this newspaper for all to read. We have one very successful year to look forward to Pirates. Let’s get to work.

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About Me – Paris

My name is Paris, I am a freshman and I’m coming from John Hopkins Middle School. I took journalism all three years of middle school. It was a gret experience for me. I learned a lot from being a reporter and a photographer for their newpaper. Journalism helped me a lot with talking to people I don’t know or I’m not comfortable with.

I enjoy writing about sports. Such as, basketball or football. I also like to write about very intresting things that go on around school. I like being a reporter more than a photographer. When I graduate from high school I would like to go to college and play basketball. After that I want to become a professional athletic trainer for a NBA team.

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About Me – Helana

My name is Helana. When I signed up for a journalism class at school, I was unaware I would be helping write and edit the school newspaper, but the surprise was a pleasant one. I’m excited for the whole process: coming up with story ideas, interviewing others and talking about current events. I’ve loved to write since I was a young girl, so I think I will enjoy the setting.

I can envision myself in ten years as some sort of quirky writer, complete with messenger bag and papers flying everywhere, wandering around in some distant foreign country and trying to understand the locals’ accents as I ask those questions. This is the future I can think of for myself; otherwise I am loss. If it comes to pass, then the experience I gain as a high school student in a small journalism class will be invaluable. I shall do my best to write accurately and on subjects of interest.

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About Me – Troy

My name’s Troy and i’ve recently transfered. I was born in Largo, Florida but my family made a career move to Cumming, Georgia when I was three. I transfered from Forsyth Central High School, a small community compared to Boca Ciega. I’m in the Journalism 1 course because I plan to persue a career in writing or investigative journalism. I was going to take part in the radio and newpaper clubs back home, but Journalism 1 seems to be equivalent and it’s an enjoyable class because I like to write. The new school, new student body, new classes, new teachers, and the rest have been a dizzying combination yet I think i’ll be fine. This is my first time being a member of the HiTide website. Last school year I had the highest average in my English class, won the Georgia “Laws of Life” writing contest, and gave a speech for the City of Cumming’s Rotary club in May. With these skills and experiences, I believe I will be a useful addition to the school paper.

Outside of school, i’m not anything out of the ordinary. My summer was mostly spent reading imageboards, playing games, and staying up too late, with the odd trip up the Appalachians to raft or hike. It’s also been a tumultuous summer because in July my parents had officialy divorced after spending two years legally separated. It is apparent that i’ve not had it easy recently, but I don’t let these things get to me. You could say I keep odd hours, my day starts at midnight and ends at about three or four in the evening. Some personal interests include photography and archery. Occasionaly I work on becoming more familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet because I plan on being able to speak multiple Eastern European languages in the future.

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About Me – Faith

My name is Faith, I’m a sophomore this year, and I plan to bring a lot this year. Before high school I was a shy person, once getting to High School, a lot of opportunities have opened up for me, so far I’ve made a lot of friends and made the volleyball team. I’ve grown from the shy girl in the corner to someone that would love to have a conversation with you. Now I’m ready to branch out and express more of myself even more than ever. Since I was the quiet one I did a lot of listening, not to say I eavesdropped but I knew what went on around the school or around at my house. I’d love to experience sharing the real news to everyone. This is my first time being part of the newspaper, and I can’t wait to learn the ropes.

Whenever having free time to myself, I’d write, anything, from stories, to like diaries of how I felt at the moment. When I was younger, in writing, my teachers would tell me repeatedly that they love my stories, and it made me want to write more. I can’t wait to report and talk about the juicy, heartfelt and crazy stories. I’d love to share stories about sports, or dramatic news going on in school; I would love to share other people’s accomplishments, whether they scored the winning goal in football, or talking about what our new football coach brings to the team. It’s not about getting the gossip out; to me it’s about hearing and getting the important facts out to people, and to get them more interested in news reports.

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About Me – Chyan

I’m Chyan and I’m a sophomore. I have never taken a journalism class but I plan to learn a lot from this class, for my future career. When I get older I want to continue to do something in journalism. My mom has influenced me to love writing. Writing is a really good way for me to express my opinion and feelings in a mature way and be interested in hearing the other side of the story.

I really enjoy writing topics that are pretty big but no one really addresses because it’s not about them. I like to hear other people’s opinions of things and reach other peoples voice out as well as mine. I hope this class teaches me to improve my skills and push my goals to be a better writer. I also hope I can reach out and help people get a better understanding on things and encourage them to write as well.


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All About Me- Quajay

My name is Quajay. I am a freshman. I plan on coming up with a lot of story ideas for the 2014-2015 school year. I think the stories should be interesting, exciting and funny. I plan to encourage our students to read the online newspaper more. I intend to remind the students to read our weekly stories for interesting news.

I came from Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle School. I want Journalism to teach me more writing experience. I do have past experience in writing. I love writing, cheerleading, and being with my two best friends Myaka and Destiny.

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About Me – Derielle

Hi, my name is Derielle and I am a freshman this year and I hope to accomplish many things this year. I hope that I can help out the Girls Basketball team and improve my writing skills in this class. In my spare time, I practice my basketball and softball skills. I don’t plan on becoming a journalist; I want to be a physician assistant if the WNBA doesn’t work out. My goals in life are to graduate from high school and college and hopefully become a WNBA player. I also want to take care of my mom.

My favorite subject is Math because that’s a subject that I’m really good at. My favorite actress and actor are Kerry Washington and Channing Tatum. My favorite basketball player is Kevin Durant because he brings some many different elements to the game of basketball. I bring humor and respect to this class but I really don’t work well with others but I will try to work on that. I need improvement on my writing and reading skills.

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About Me – Kirsten

My name is Kirsten Holm and I have zero interest in journalism. I have never done anything pertaining to journalism nor do I ever hope to. I want to be here because of that. I want to be here because I don’t like journalism but I think it will be useful to me. My goal in life is to be an author and I feel like I can not do that without knowing certain things I might gain through journalism and reporting.

This class to me is not to write articles about things I enjoy or to get into places for free. It is not for sharing my opinion or lack thereof. This is so that I can improve as a writer. Therefore, I can not offer experience of enthusiasm, but rather tenacity. I will try my hardest to write worthy articles even if it is about something I have no interest in. It may not be the best reason or skill, but it’s what I have.

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About Me – Nancy

My name is Nacy, I am a freshman and I recently came from Azalea Middle School . This school year I plan to be a better writer. In my last past year I have been pondering about what I want to be when I get older. I still can’t make up my mind. I chose journalism class because I like to write.

In my 8th grade year I wrote many essays in my language arts class. I complained and wined about the essays. Now it is a habit to write. Last year I scored a 4 on my writing F.C.A.T. I am really proud that I tried and did all my essays. I plan to write for the newspaper. I think it is cool and easy to write, it all comes from your imagination and heart.

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About Me- Teyante

Hi my name is Teyante Bell, I am a freshman. I came from Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle School. I wanted to join journalism because I like interviewing people. Being in journalism would help me on my speaking skills and meeting new people.

I wanted to do yearbook in middle school but I did not get accepted. Also, another reason I wanted to join journalism is because I could attend different events and interview some outstanding students as well as taking pictures. I am extremely excited about interviewing our girls’ basketball team because basketball is my favorite sport.

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About Me – Nyla

My name is Nyla. I’m 14 years old and my birthday is the 23rd of  September. I like hambugers and I hate cheese. My favorite color is baby blue & I enjoy spending time with my friends! I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. My mother’s name is Katina and my dad name is Fred. When I get older I want to become a doctor ; OB/GYN. I want to go to Georgia State University.

   I choose journalism because I like taking pictures and interviewing people about themselves and their interest. I feel that this course can help me, by allowing me to get better at my writing because my writing isn’t that good at the moment but I think this course will help me improve.

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About Me -Tabria

My name is Tabria as you can see. I’m a senior class of 2015. I actually have a lot of experience in both journalism and photography a total of 4 years in both to be exact. I attended Melrose Elementary in 5th grade and was a part of the journalism program than attended John Hopkins Middle for 6th ,7th, and 8th grade for the program that they have. In this journalism class there isn’t much more I plan to learn, the only thing would be to get better at what I’ve been doing for 4 years .

At Melrose and John Hopkins I learned a lot. I plan on taking what I learned at school to become a better journalist. I bring a lot of experience and I think that will help other people out.

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About Me – Jaleah

My name is Jaleah and I am a sophomore. I enjoy writing interesting stories that grabs my reader’s attention. I am very friendly and sociable, so being shy and interviewing different people has never been a problem for me. I enjoy going around the school, taking pictures, meeting new people, and finding out the latest trend. I also play softball for my high school team. I really enjoyed playing last year although we didnt have a winning record.

I am the editor for this website meaning I edit all stories to make sure they are published at the appropriate time and the stories are actuate. This is my second year contributing to Hitideonline. Although when I get older I don’t want to become a journalist. I choose to perceive my career in pharmacy and becoming a pharmacist after college. I choose to return to this class simply because I love all the attributes of  a journalist. This year I am planning to bring my past experience from last year and help the new students this year.


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