Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Antonio Holley

AP English teacher Ms. Cooper competed on CBS’s “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” on March 5th and 6th in a two-part showing. She represented Boca Ciega High School and managed to bring home a grand total of $56,000. Even though she didn’t bring home the grand prize of one million dollars, she said she still had a blast since she was able to go to New York once again.  “It was great getting a chance to return to my hometown of Harlem,” Cooper said happily.

Her daughter-in-law, her daughter-in-law’s mother, and Ms. Cooper’s sister visited some of New York’s well-known landmarks together as they toured through the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Harlem, and the Apollo Theatre.

You can imagine that a show of this magnitude could put the calmest person in the world into a fetal position, so when it came down to the question that would give her $100,000, she described it as nerve racking. “I was very nervous, but the producers really took care of me and helped me out a lot.”

Then it all came down to the one question that could have made her $100,000 richer. “What state is the city of Boring located in?” Ms. Cooper was leaning towards her answer of Oregon heavily, but ultimately decided to play it safe and take the money she had home. The answer ended up being Oregon after all, but she wasn’t ashamed of her mistake at all. “I would rather take $56,000 home, then nothing any day,” she replied.

Even though Ms. Cooper didn’t win a million dollars, and passed on a crucial question that she was actually correct on, that’s not what it’s all about. Congratulations Ms. Cooper, and thank you for representing Boca Ciega High School.

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