Valedictorian and Salutatorian of 2012

Danielle Mahaney

As Steven Andrew Hollis, 17 and Truc Thuy Nguyen, 18 work hard in their AP Psych class, Mr. Vigue calls them into his office to tell them they’re at the top of their senior class; Steven, Valedictorian with a GPA of 4.78 and Truc, Salutatorian with a GPA of 4.69. Heading to the University of Florida, they both plan on majoring in Biology. Steven also plans to major in economics and be involved in politics. Truc wants to own her own business and be a dentist.

They work very hard at Boca Ciega High School and feel they accomplished a lot by being at the top of their senior class. Truc, surprised when she heard the news, says “I’m proud of myself and can’t wait to get home to tell my mom.” Steven, ecstatic to represent the great class of 2012, states “I feel my hard work has really paid off and am truly blessed.”

They both attribute their success to pushing themselves in school by taking hard classes, studying an average of 12 hours a week, and being involved in National Honor Society and CWMP, a medical program. Steven joined CWMP his sophomore year and said, “I should have joined my freshman year, it’s a great program.” He is in five AP classes, Rho Kappa Honor Society (a history program), Spanish Honor Society, the cross country team and varsity tennis. Truc is in four AP classes, multi-cultural club and student government, and really likes school stating, “If I had more time or could do high school all over again, I’d join more clubs and sports.”

Outside of school, Steven likes going to Panera Bread to study and work on AP calculus homework with his friends. He plays tennis, rides his bike and works out at LA Fitness to relieve stress. He likes hanging out with his friends and has a lot of fun saying, “Not having a social life when you’re Valedictorian is a total misconception. I go to the mall and hang out with my friends just like everyone else.” He is thankful that his parents didn’t place any pressure on him because it allowed him to take control of his own education and future. He said, “Kids, especially in high school, should look at their teachers for guidance because they are great role models and bring self-motivation to their students.”

Truc moved to America in 2001 from Vietnam and couldn’t speak any English. She was encouraged by her mom to do her best in school and says, “I push myself to make my mom proud and to be a role model for my brothers. I made it my goal to do well in school to keep up with the other students.” She enjoys going to Barnes and Nobles every Wednesday and Thursday to study as well as practicing piano and tutoring her six and ten year old brothers. She stated, “students should figure out what they want in life and figure out a plan to get there.”

Steven and Truc, thankful for all the support given by their friends, family and teachers, continue to encourage each other and work hard. Their psychology teacher, Mrs. Drouin, said “Steven and Truc are good friends, have dedication, and a positive effect on the class. I feel privileged to have them as my students.” She believes they have the academic background and self-discipline to excel in college

Their AP calculus teacher, Mr. Lynch, said “They are both intelligent and motivational students, and that’s what you need to get where you’re going… the sky is the limit.”

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