School Store brings extra profit

Kaylyn Munroe

GULFPORT- With the grand opening of the new building at Boca Ciega High School, came our school store. High school students and staff can now purchase things within the school property whenever necessary. Students needing pencils and other school supplies make the school store a major hit. Having balloons available in the store make a great gift and students enjoy purchasing birthday balloons for friends. Students all throughout campus confess their opinions concerning the new addition now apart of the growing high school. Student, Alexis Sutton says, “It’s a great way to get clothes that support our school.” Shirts and hoodies are sold to customers with school logos placed on them.

Clothing, supplies and birthday balloons are just some of the things that are stocked on shelves inside the store. Things vary in price but are affordable. The open sign that shows the availability to purchase certain items go up everyday during the 30 minute lunch break. Profits go towards things that are needed for students or on campus. The idea was brought to Boca Ciega by Principal Vigue himself.

In charge of the new store is Mr. Arneson, a well-known business teacher here. “It’s run by my entrepreneurship class,” says Mr. Arneson. It gives students more of a chance at a better high school experience and the school store is definitely a great asset to the building. It is advised by both students and staff, so check out the school store and purchase things to contribute to the school!

According to bookkeeper, Pam Simone, profits stand at $291 as of today. Students purchased a total of $2,093 worth of merchandise since it opened in October. Pam Simone claims that she has visited our well established school store, and finds that the store is well on its way to success.  It is predicted that the profit will increase greatly over the next few months, so check out the school store and purchase things to contribute to the school!

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