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Teacher Hobbies


May 13, 2015

What do your teachers do outside their busy schedules of grading, planning, and teaching? Yes, like you me, teachers have lives of their own and their existence isn’t just dedicated to making your life harder. Some teachers are very similar to students in that they listen to music and watch movies.... Read more »

A.P. Season

May 8, 2015

May is almost upon us, and with it, Advanced Placement season, the singular and stressful (but very reward ordeal that lasts for two weeks and reveals to us our best (or worst) testing persona. Beginning May 4, AP exams in a multitude of subjects will commence and last until May 15; each test lasts... Read more »

History in the making

May 8, 2015

In the beginning of the season no one would have expected this. Ask anyone, the coaches, players even the athletic trainers did not think the Boca Ciega softball team would get so far. Based on their seasonal record, five wins and ten loses, no one else believed they would either. As they approached... Read more »

Grad Bash 2k15

May 8, 2015

It’s time for grad bash! This will be Boca Ciega’s 4th year attending Universal studio’s grad bash. Grad bash has been around for years and is a really big event. Many different high schools will be attending this event. Thousands of high school seniors will gather there to celebrate... Read more »

Teacher’s spring break

April 22, 2015

This year spring break fell on the days of March 27th – April 5th. Many students went on cruises, or out of the state to visit family. Many spring break plans consisted of the military ball that happened on the first day of spring break: March 27th. Easter was also during our spring break, on the... Read more »

Senior movie night!

April 10, 2015

Most high schools have something particularly dedicated to senior at the year. Whether it be a senior breakfast, grad bash or maybe even a senior picnic. Those are just some of the events that could be held for the seniors. Although there are many events Boca Ciega is starting something new this year. This... Read more »

Student Organization

Troy Bielicki
April 10, 2015

            Planners, agendas, binders, to-do lists, post it notes. These are just some of the ways that students keep track of the tumult of high school. There are even honor’s and AP students who don’t appear to be organized at all. The way we manage our school stuff is a form of expression.... Read more »

Legally Blonde Jr.: The Musical

April 8, 2015

The evening kicks off with a line outside of the Boca Ciega High School Auditorium that swells and lengthens steadily as the clock inches forward to seven p.m. Chatty siblings and formally dressed parents wait impatiently outside as the heat intensifies one last time before the sun drops completely.... Read more »

It’s the season

February 25, 2015

It’s softball season at Bogie and this season might just be a good one. The girls won their first game against Bay Shore. This win started the season off with its first victory. So far they have played a total of 4 games putting their record at 2-2 (2 losses, 2 wins). They plan on adding even more... Read more »

A Place To Study

Samauria Conyers, Publisher
February 25, 2015

Have you ever wanted to have extra time in school to study and get extra help from teachers? There is one class that will assure you those opportunities. Avid class is a great class to take in high school. Avid Stands for Advanced Via Individual Determination. it’s a program that prepares students... Read more »