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Senior movie night!

April 10, 2015

Most high schools have something particularly dedicated to senior at the year. Whether it be a senior breakfast, grad bash or maybe even a senior picnic. Those are just some of the events that could be held for the seniors. Although there are many events Boca Ciega is starting something new this year. This... Read more »

Student Organization

Troy Bielicki
April 10, 2015

            Planners, agendas, binders, to-do lists, post it notes. These are just some of the ways that students keep track of the tumult of high school. There are even honor’s and AP students who don’t appear to be organized at all. The way we manage our school stuff is a form of expression.... Read more »

Legally Blonde Jr.: The Musical

April 8, 2015

The evening kicks off with a line outside of the Boca Ciega High School Auditorium that swells and lengthens steadily as the clock inches forward to seven p.m. Chatty siblings and formally dressed parents wait impatiently outside as the heat intensifies one last time before the sun drops completely.... Read more »

It’s the season

February 25, 2015

It’s softball season at Bogie and this season might just be a good one. The girls won their first game against Bay Shore. This win started the season off with its first victory. So far they have played a total of 4 games putting their record at 2-2 (2 losses, 2 wins). They plan on adding even more... Read more »

A Place To Study

Samauria Conyers, Publisher
February 25, 2015

Have you ever wanted to have extra time in school to study and get extra help from teachers? There is one class that will assure you those opportunities. Avid class is a great class to take in high school. Avid Stands for Advanced Via Individual Determination. it’s a program that prepares students... Read more »

District Application Periods

Destyne Jackson
February 25, 2015

Our school is split into three programs: Traditional, Fundamental, and Medical Magnet. To be a part of the fundamental or medical program, you must apply during the district application period. The district application period is the period of time in which schools in Pinellas County are accepting applications... Read more »

Baseball season

February 25, 2015

It’s that time of year again where athletes lace up their tennis shoes and their cleats, pick up the stick of their choosing and step onto the playing field of their choice. this routine may differ for the Boca Ciega High School team seeing as they have been playing since August. With 25 players... Read more »

The Potential Astronomy Course

February 19, 2015

Boca Ciega High School may shortly play host to a new school course that might put many in mind of the human race’s ancient, star-gazing ancestors, such as Galileo Galilei, who contributed to the development of the telescope, Nicolaus Copernicus, who first proposed the heliocentric theory of the universe,... Read more »

Attention Seniors!

Morgan Rickey, Writer
February 10, 2015

With the stress of the year heavy on the mind, it is easy to forget the fun things about being a senior. Many activities are quickly approaching and graduation is only months away. Ms. Darbois and the senior class officers are hard at work creating a great second semester for Boca Ciega seniors. The... Read more »

All My Sons Follow-Up

Troy Bielicki
February 2, 2015

  From January 7th to the 10th, BCHS saw the performance of the Arthur Miller play All My Sons. It was adapted into two hour long acts, with a bit of intermission in between. With a five-dollar student admission and reasonable running time, it sounded like any other show by the drama team. However,... Read more »