Review – Blue Slide Park

Bowman16 (Wikimedia Commons)

Robby Keskeny

Mac Miller is a very popular upcoming artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a 19 year old rapper with a lot of heart and soul. He has recently released an album titled Blue Slide Park. It was released on November 8th 2011. Many people liked it but some disliked it. It got a lot of mixed reviews. XXL magazine wrote that, “He did a good job but still has some room for improvement.” He plans on coming out with many more albums in the future so this is just a sneak peek of what’s up and coming.

For his tour, the Blue Slide Park Tour, he came down to St. Pete’s own, Jannus Live on November 22nd. Many people from our town came to support him at this concert, from 5 to 35 year-olds. Many concerts have been sold out at this venue but Mac Miller’s sold out in 2 weeks! Miller is coming in hot so make sure to watch out for this new wave of sound! Don’t forget to pick up Blue Slide Park from stores near you!

Here is a link to his website. You can purchase his new album or his clothing on this site.

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